What is nationalism? How does it arise?

What is nationalism?  How does it arise? Is it good or bad?  What can it transition into? Can folks share examples of nationalism?

Based on the story “ALLEGORY OF THE CAVE,” You all have done a really good job of starting to work through Plato’s cave allegory. Keep up the good work as we move towards the end of the week! Keep digging into the chains and the shadows, the struggle to gain an appreciation of the real world, and the return to the cave to free the others. 

In real life, Socrates was put to death by the state because of his apparent corruption of the youth and a lack of belief in the gods, which plays into Plato’s allegory. As in the story, if you rise too far above the others in the cave (as Socrates did) you can become a challenge to the state, or at least a state that likes to control the knowledge of its citizens. Why is this? Can people come up with any examples from world history that shed light on this?

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