response to 2 of my classmates discussion board disaster management 13

my colleagues’ posts are attached and Response to each of them.
Use the same document in the question
The course is Health Care Emergency Management
The question was:
Describe ways to demonstrate the core competencies described by James et al.
Describe hazard specific competencies for a hospital emergency manager.
-Instructions:-Look at the two of my classmates’ posts. I need you to respond to each of them in a full-page (3-4 paragraphs).
-All you need to do is to choose one point of the post and explore it a little bit with at least one source support. Also, you can add a little bit new relevant to the topic. In the attachment, you will find my classmates’ posts.
(ACADEMIC WRITING) One Page (3 or 4) paragraphs for each of them.
1- Use APA Style format 6th edition. Including in-text citation.2- Use Grammarly program to change all the mistakes that give you because my university uses and depends on it
3- Use simple academic words as a second language.
4- Avoid the passive voice absolutely.
5- Avoid start new sentence with unclear subject such as (THIS).
6- Avoid plagiarism.
7- Use American English language.
please meet the requirements.
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