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Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Child trauma 8.6 period. children suffer from trauma in different home or domestic settings and as a result can exhibit the signs and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) based on DSM-IV-TR guidelines.The importance of this study is in its use of archival data to determine the presence of any possible trauma exposure among children using Criterion A1 of PTSD mentioned in the DSM-IV-TR. This means it analyzed the said data indirectly only because most of these children can be quite still young and therefore have not yet developed language skills to communicate their experiences well enough to researchers, or must have been under severe stress, threat, or trauma to be able to discuss their experiences thoroughly in a manner that is understandable and useful to medical and psychological researchers. A childs response to trauma exposure was determined based on PTSD Criterion A2.A significant finding of this study was the results showed a high degree of exposure to traumatic experiences for children falling under the DEC group as compared to the other control group (non-drug endangered children) within the child welfare system. It means children whose parents are either drug addicts or drug dependents tend to be in a violent mood to maltreat their own children without the knowledge or awareness of most social workers involved in this welfare program. The conclusion derived from the study is DEC children suffer differently and often suffer the most when their parents are involved in drugs compared to other children who are not drug endangered. The study differs from previous studies or prior research in that it focuses solely on those children suffering from trauma exposure and determined their traumatic experiences through an indirect method. this is a logical and sensible thing to do because most children do not speak truthfully and honestly about their trauma because of fear from parental anger or reprisals if ever they talk to people outside the home, especially
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