needing help with this assignment please 1

  • Give an example of where session management should be used in an online application. Web pages are typically requested distinctly and not as a group or even identified by user. How does this feature change when session management is enacted? In your example, what would happen to the system without session management? Suggest how this system could be compromised by an attacker if session management was not used.
  • Give an example showing why authentication is necessary as a point of entry into an application. What type of information is being protected by authentication in this case? What levels of users can you imagine for this example? What would happen if authentication was not used in this example? Justify your answers.
  • Give an example of where passwords could be stored safely in an online application. How would you suggest protecting them from accidental or brute-force discovery? What other modifications would you include to protect the passwords from compromise? Justify your answers.


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