Lucy (Australopithecus)

Research Paper:  A research paper of a minimum length of five pages with an additional References (Bibliography) page will be required for a large part (100 points) of the grade for this class.  This can be on any topic related to the class.  You must have the topic OK’d by me no later than the third quiz, but earlier is better.  Write the topic on a sheet of paper and hand it in so I can record it.   The topic may be turned in handwritten, but the paper itself MUST be word processed.   Again, double spaced and 2250 to 2500 words (basically 450 to 500 words per page. Just like the commentaries.)Complete sentences and standard English structure are expected in a 200 level college class.  I will require at least 3 sources for your paper, and they will need to be reasonable sources and cited properly within the paper itself.  I will supply more details about the paper and types of citations in class.We will have one day in the library in the first half of the term for a class by library staff on research and how to do citations. I WILL check attendance for the library class! The second half of that class time will be for you to have the opportunity to do some searching for sources and/or a topic.  The paper itself is due on the Thursday of the last week of class, (the last class day before Finals.)   Sources must be cited in the body of the paper.  AND you need to use APA style for the citations and References page.This will be explained more fully in class.The point breakdown for the paper is as follows:2  points for the topic being turned in on time3  points for the PAPER being turned in on time25  points for the 5 pages minimum30  points on contenton writing stylepoints for having the 3 sources required3   points for the type of sources9   for the References page (Bibliography) – in APA style15 points for citing the sources correctly in the paper.


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