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I need to write a research project talking about Phishing Attacks with some subtopics: – % of the growth of Phishing Attacks in the last 5 years;- % of the growth of Phishing Attacks in the COVID19 period;- Types of Phishing Attacks ;- How the Phishing Attacks impact domestic users and enterprise.Please ensure that the project adheres to the CIS404 Hacking (CEH) class and standards. All projects must of theoretical explanations and a technical step-by-step process. All projects must comply with academic rules and must include references.GuidelinesPlease ensure that you adhere with the following assignment guidelines when required to do so:- Your homework assignments must include 25 to 30 pages at the minimum – Double Spaced! – All paragraphs must be 3 to 4 sentences at the minimum. NO single sentences please.- Don’t include I, we, you, us, and they in your essay. Instead keep it professional and don’t include opinions unless you have been asked to provide your opinion.- All essays must include APA in-text citation and reference sections. Citation is a MUST in this course as none of you is a subject manner expert in the field. Using citation supports your written topics. Please use the following link (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. to learn how to properly use APA citation.- Your in-text citation shall NOT exceed 18 words unless you really have to.- The reference section must be named “Work Cited” and must be on a separate page.- Include 5 to 10 references at the minimum- The URLs in your reference shall not be clickable and include an HREF to the internet.- Your first paragraph must include your thesis- Your essay must consist of one font style and must be double spaced- You must include a conclusion section that is proportional to the length of your overall essay. This section must never include new information about your paper that you have not already mentioned in your paper.
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