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Have a paperwork I need rewritten.  This paper is a friend of mines and I want to use it but rewrite as my own.  The words that are highlighted have to remain highlighted, they are our vocabulary words.Vocabulary has traditionally been taught through the process of copying definitions from a dictionary and then writing a sentence with the targeted word. In this assignment you will search for newer, more effective ways of teaching vocabulary to young students.Describe five strategies/methods that a language arts teacher could use to better teach vocabulary words. Each strategy/method should be described in detail with concrete examples of how it could be used for vocabulary instruction. Describe each strategy/method for teaching new vocabulary in one half to one page (double spaced). All five strategies should be submitted as a single (3-5 page) document using APA formatting, with a title page and references. You may use your text, the internet, or other teaching resources for this assignment.The vocabulary chart attached to this assignment contains terms that will be used in EDUC 632. In order to help you learn these terms you will need to include each of them in your Vocabulary Assignment. Your use of these terms should demonstrate that you have a contextual understanding of each of them. Please highlight each vocabulary term that you use in the assignment.
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