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AMERICAN HISTORY OPPOSING VIEWPOINTS PROJECT: PART II INSTRUCTIONSStatement of Purpose or “Why Am I Doing This?”Preparing an annotated bibliography is an important step in the writing process. It may seem unnecessary, but it can actually save time and effort in the research process. The annotated bibliography guides the researcher to look carefully at a source and evaluate its usefulness for the project. This part of the assignment will guide you through the selection and evaluation process as you continue your research.Preparing for This Assignment:• If you are not sure about how to complete an annotated bibliography, download and read the document “Writing an Annotated Bibliography” to help you get started. It is located in the Course Content site within the same sub link you retrieved this instruction guide.• If you have questions regarding how to properly evaluate a source, download and read the document “Evaluating Sources” located in the Course Content site within the same sub link you retrieved this instruction guide.• Once you are comfortable with how to complete this assignment, start your research using the resources available to you from the Jerry Falwell Library: https://www.liberty.edu/library/research-tutorials/.Completing This Assignment:• Your annotated bibliography must include:o At least three sources directly related to the topic selected in Part I of this assignment. At least 1 source must be a collegiate level book. At least 1 source must be a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article. At least 1 source must be a scholarly website (.edu, .gov, .org, .mil, etc.)o A key component of this task is to locate sources that include opposing viewpoints or alternate arguments related to the topic in review. Therefore, such viewpoints should be included in the annotations.o A citation for each assignment in proper current Turabian format.o An annotation of at least 75 words for each citation that includes a brief summary, the credentials of the author or source, and an evaluation of its usefulness in the project.• A key purpose for this assignment is to display and determine what the individual student learned and gleaned analytically from personal research. Thus, a clear majority of the body-content of the individual annotation write-ups should be written solely in the words of the student. Information can be BASED from chosen befitting outside sources, but, again, the body-content should dominately come from the student’s personal thoughts and presented in their own words. Outside source content may be incorporated within the write-ups, but should NOT dominate (in verbatim form) a large portion of the write-up. Any borrowed statements from these sources must be placed within quotation marks, properly cited in Turabian format, and these sources must be included (in correct Turabian format).• You must use the template for this part of the assignment provided in Blackboard.• When you are finished, your assignment must be:o In a Microsoft Word (or compatible) documento Formatted, including: 12-point Times New Roman font 1-inch marginso Written and proofread carefully to ensure all standards of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style expected at this academic level.o A Turabian Quick Guide is available in the Course Content site to aid students in completing citations as accurately as possible


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